Seated on the river side watching a little falls, i saw the shape drawn by the water. Despite the high volume of water every second, with its high pressure, it was able to drawn a so elegant and relaxing shape…This is the idea that took us to create ZEN a chaise longue with a soul that born directly from mother nature. Available in WOOD or CARBON FIBER version. Will take you exactly where you want to be, far from everything and suspended on “a line in  space”. ZEN uses the sinuous curves of a wave to move through the space. Its ergonomic shape makes it an absolute pleasure to lie on, to read a book, or to be cherished by the sun. Carbon fiber is a must in this new century and Zen manages its well-known feature with naturalness. Shaped by the hands of Italian artisans with a really thin thickness. Despite its slim line, ZEN is a robust and extremely comfortable chaise lounge. Impossible to find a place where ZEN will not be able to capture the glance of anyone.


Status Available
Finishing Carbon fiber 100%, Glossy transparent surface
Limited edition plate Personalized number available
Storage Protective bag
OPTIONS Upon request
Extreme comfort cushion 5 cm thick, Length 200cm, Width 70cm, Yacht leather, Standard color Red, Yellow, Ivory or custom color
Design cooling cushion 2 cm thick, Lenght 200cm, Width 50cm, cooling gel material, Standard color Red, Yellow, Ivory or custom color
DIMENSION Lenght 200cm, Width 70cm, Height 80cm
RETAIL PRICE € 9.100,00