Able to astonish guests wherever it will be placed. Entirely handmade in Italy, by artisans with decades of experience in Formula 1 and Aerospace field of technology, that with their know-how are able to create a masterpiece like this. Born from the desire to create a new element of furniture that could combine the comfort of a deck chair and the simplicity of the shapes of a chair. Magic fusion between aluminum lightness and strength and the elegance of a thin plate of carbon fiber, merged to create a unique product in its genre. Its natural habitat would be a boat deck, where its able to express its exclusivity of lines, that recall the sea and its waves.


Status Available
Finishing Carbon fiber & steel AISI 316 (marine use) Glossy transparent surface
Limited edition plate Personalized number available
Storage Protective bag
OPTIONS Upon request
Extreme comfort cushion 5 cm thick, Length 200cm, Width 70cm, Yacht leather, Standard color Red, Yellow, Ivory or custom color
Design cooling cushion 2 cm thick, Lenght 200cm, Width 50cm, cooling gel material, Standard color Red, Yellow, Ivory or custom color
DIMENSION Lenght 200cm, Width 70cm, Height 80cm
RETAIL PRICE  € 4.200,00