The concept that led us to design LONG, born from the will to handle the power of the sea as only carbon fiber Yachts can do. Its shape, smoothed and sharpened, recall the ability of a yacht to cross the waves of a sea storm, remaining stable and, at the same time, keeping an amazing and unparalleled aesthetic appeareance.  Available in WOOD or CARBON FIBER version. Sets a new standard in luxury furniture, redefining parameters of design. This new chaise lounge by FAD showcase the latest in technology, directly from Formula 1 and Aerospace. Presented the first time at the INTERNATIONAL SALONE DEL MOBILE 2017 at SUPERSTUDIO MILANO DESIGN WEEK SHOW. The seat is specifically designed for prolonged use in any environment such as Yacht decks, pool gardens, SPAs or saunas. Handmade in Italy, in carbon fiber, by skilled  craftsmen. With its long and comfortable shape, the seat can host not only you but also your accessories, because we care about them and don’t want you to place your precious bag on the floor.


Status Available
Finishing Carbon fiber 100%, Glossy transparent surface
Limited edition plate Personalized number available
Storage Protective bag
OPTIONS Upon request
Extreme comfort cushion 5 cm thick, Length 200cm, Width 70cm, Yacht leather, Standard color Red, Yellow, Ivory or custom color
Design cooling cushion 2 cm thick, Lenght 200cm, Width 50cm, cooling gel material, Standard color Red, Yellow, Ivory or custom color
DIMENSION Lenght 200cm, Width 70cm, Height 80cm
RETAIL PRICE € 9.800,00