Roots of our history start from the early 1900s. Our grandparents and parents gave life to all that, today, led to the creation of FUROT ART DESIGN group. We started from the construction of apartments and buildings, and this has allowed us to accumulate, over the years, a great experience in architecture and materials. In the meantime we have worked on parallel projects, not just the pure constructions, that involved all the other aspects of architecture, embracing interior and exterior design and the production of customized furniture and living solutions, for our customers. To do this we have forged collaborative partnerships with Italian professionals and artisans, who were able to guarantee full respect of the Italian hand made tradition. Today, with 2 generations of experience, I collect the family legacy, to bring it into the world of luxury with our new brand “FAD Milano” expressly dedicated to luxury furniture, with particular attention to those in carbon fiber, field in which we have acquired particular skills that allow us to create products that are really difficult to achieve. But this is only the novelty of our production, because thanks to a collaboration that has lasted for years with a carpentry workshop with 100 years of history and an architecture and design studio with 30 years of experience, we also produce furniture and accessories in precious wood and metals.


The people who work for FAD Milano represent the lifeblood of the company and for this reason we place a very high attention to the working conditions reserved them. For the realization of our products and dedicated accessories, we employ only qualified personnel authorized by the labor regulations and we are proud to say that every single phase of productions is “MADE IN ITALY” and use real Italian products. All the protections necessary to work safely are used and no one is ever required to perform tasks for which they are not qualified. All this set of precautions allows us to have a healthy production cycle and a comfortable  and happy working environment, for us and for all the people involved in the realization of our products.


Sustainability and respect for the environment are two topics very important. The same technologies that today allow our creations, whose only limit is our imagination, allow us to limit waste, through the optimization of the use of raw materials and the recycling of waste products. Our production process involves a fundamental modeling phase of the prototype that uses recycled materials, where possible. This method of work allows the subsequent modification of the prototype, up to the final product, using really few virgin material and thus limiting the exploitation of the planet’s natural resources. We are very committed to minimizing production waste and maximizing the optimization of the use of raw materials. But our commitment does not stop there, because we also try to use all the waste materials for internal company needs, therefore not only those destined for production, and the remaining, are sent to companies specialized in recycling, reducing our impact on the environment. We firmly believe that respecting the environment, undoubtedly means to respect ourselves. We are proud to affirm that our creations have the added value of being the bearers of sustainability concept.


Composite materials, precious wood and finest metals, high performance materials, originally born for aeronautics, formula 1 and military use, to achieve considerable weight reduction, increase strength and durability. Carbon fiber Is the fundamental element of our production. Emphasizing our pursuit of perfection, we specially engineered each of our products, with a  mix from Formula 1 and Aerospace technology. During the development of our products, the objective is only one, blend innovative high-tech solutions with elegance, style and high performance materials. Research and Innovation, for “FAD Milano”,  are 2 key points, used to melt, in a single element, tradition, craftsmanship and modernity, following the continuous evolution of the world around us.


Leaning is like to change skin, more relaxed positions, your feet regain their freedom, your entire body seeks new. The time becomes pure and exclusively yours, making you rediscover the sweetness of living, immersed in the most authentic Italian style and craftsmanship assisted by top performing technology for an extraordinary relax experience. This authentic jewels will drive you where your soul meet your mind.The most thin design, where there are no ribs, veins, masked support structures, ties or other escamotage that dirt the shape of the product. Our design is “A LINE IN THE SPACE” a pure concept of “essential” which gives, at the same time, very high level of comfort. We produce with a high level of personalization, giving each time a unique and limited edition creation. All of our chaise-lounge are HANDMADE IN ITALY,  suitable for indoor and outdoor use and they are finished with a glossy or matte transparent paint film, that protects it from sunlight and bad weather, but lets you see the uniqueness of carbon fiber texture.

Our customer is the one who craves the uniqueness of a real piece of Italian art and design, rare in the world for 3 reasons:

  • It is “MADE IN ITALY”

“FAD Milano” represents contemporary design and Italian manufacturing, moreover, combines performance with sleek design. A symbiosis of the most exquisite of modern design, the greatest precision, the innovative technology and the avant-garde in carbon fiber furniture creation, that yields fascinating results in our masterpieces.